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Then we vote in our bright star Democrat who will likely also do nothing. And round and round it goes. I seen a little over a handful of presidents and I honestly haven noticed my life drastically change when the parties flip. Now they look at the FISA abuse memo that came out of the House Intelligence Committee, and they say, hold on a second. This is actually worse than we thought. You know, we see you know, we basically see fraud being used as a basis for the FISA applications.

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Also, while pictures of the mango mussolini seem like good targets, I don’t want to see them on this sub. Fuck that guy. Sure he’s racist and a massive asshole, he just dog whistles his bigotry. That’s only the start. It also takes someone who can inspire, cajole, and engage hermes replica bracelet legions of Hispanics, blacks, and youth voters who were MIA from the polls in 2016. An even greater number of them have been chronic no shows in mid term elections.

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