Toby next project is DELTARUNE

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UNDERTALE is a video game about a child who falls into an underworld filled with monsters. FIGHT or ACT your way through battles while dodging magic bullet attacks. Every monster has unique attacks and personality and they’re all in canada goose vest outlet your way. You can show them MERCY if you want. You might even make friends. But what will you do if you meet a relentless killer?

canada goose uk black friday Undertale is available in English and Japanese for Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, and Switch. canada goose uk black friday

Undertale is created by Toby Fox, who is a dog. Toby next project is DELTARUNE, a legend whispered among shadows. Deltarune Chapter 1 is a free download for Windows and Mac.

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canada goose uk shop Our spam filter removes posts and comments which link to certain websites or TLDs used by spammers. Commonly filtered domains include Discord, Dropbox, and link shorteners. I also loved the “Lucas and Lancer” self parody joke, especially since it shows some of his more subtly controversial theories and implies he knows they suck. I even say this video surpasses his three part Gaster theory, since canada goose outlet england he makes more sense here and doesn mess up lore details (like how souls work and Sans hating humans). For once in a while, I actually excited to see part two and not groaning at another multi part theory!I agree, but this theory can be real because you can make my boi Lancer imaginary. There no way there can be a happy ending if Lancer ain real. ; ; canada goose uk shop

On a more serious note, iirc, none of the monsters seem to have knowledge that humans bleed in the canada goose outlet buffalo over world and in Undertale. In the Dark World, Lancer makes a remark similar to, “We going to punch you guys into blood.” The only person who would know this information is Kris who would canada goose outlet 2015 be orchestrating this imaginary adventure.

canada goose factory sale BONUS THEORY: If we assume that the Dark World is real: we never see any of the enemies in Deltarune fatally wounded canada goose jacket outlet toronto as they always run away at the last moment so there canada goose outlet hong kong may be a chance they may bleed. At the end of the Genocide Route, we see Sans emit a red liquid implied to be blood (sorry ketchup believers). Along with this, inside his shed there a photo of three people that says, “Don forget” on the back. If we assume the three people are Susie, Kris, and Raslei Sans may have an affiliation with the Darkeners and may even be one. If everything I said so far is true then it isn much of a stretch to say that Darkeners may bleed. (Credit to TVTropes for a lot of this information and theory crafting.)after getting cheap canada goose Susie and Lancer back on your side, the former mentions still being hungry despite having eaten one of the bake sale items, saying “It like nothing I eat here matters”. canada goose factory sale

The “Light” monsters in Deltarune seem less magical than they did in Undertale. There a lack of robots or other advancements, and even Toriel stove just uses gas, no fire magic. It converts directly to energy (hence why it instantly heals Frisk after being consumed) but doesn canada goose outlet florida help with hunger.

One theory I had was that the monsters somehow don have their magic even if their bodies are still not as physical as a human This explains the aforementioned lack canada goose outlet legit of advancements, why the town is so simple, no fire, Asgore and Toriel not really aging like everyone else, etc. It seems like all the fantasy stuff has been sucked out and we left with a town of monsters acting like humans. Or well, more human than they were before.

This would partly explain why Susie doesn use magic attacks in spite of being a monster. She just uses her axe to slash at people. The bullets we saw in Undertale were how monsters communicated, “attacked”, etc. Asgore used fire magic alongside his trident swipes, Undyne used the “arrows” (spears) to attack. Magic is how monsters do things but Susie seems oddly.

But it almost a guarantee that MatPat is gonna be wary about the messages he gets about this Theory. Because the shitstorm of hate he got for his last Undertale theory was just disgusting.

canada goose “It was all just a dream/imaginary” endings to stories are often giant cop outs, and when they are, they render the entire plot pointless. Deltarune could take that premise and do something interesting with it, but that not what the theory video is about. Theorizing that the entire story of the game might be meaningless doesn feel fun to me at all canada goose.