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canada goose black friday sale 5 points submitted 16 hours agoI get the bedroom uk canada goose outlet part but i not sold on the 2 car parks. Inner city/suburb living kind of negates the generic 2 car family. Ideally you would use public transport for work and the car Canada Goose Jackets for whoever is taking care of the kids. At least that how every inner suburb family I know does it. If you really need two cars you can just park on the street as long as it isn in a spot where this isn ideal. Eg. I currently don have any car spaces but I just park canadian goose jacket on the street in Thornbury.restcamp 12 points submitted 1 day agoDepends where you live. If you cheap canada goose uk live inner city or country/coastal then pub culture is huge. If you live in bland nothing suburbia, you might have one local place built recently that’s mostly pokies.I go to the pub quite a few times a week to read/play pool/eat/play trivia/see friends/watch bands and it’s great. I actually make sure anywhere I live is close to canada goose uk black friday some good pubs as it’s pretty important to me.Thing is, Australia is very big and very new so to speak. A lot of developments spring up far away from original pubs and corporations (who own most the pokies and have money to build) can’t really recreate the Canada Goose online old pub vibe so they create these soulless places where you get overpriced food and pokies and not much else although it does depend. Some of them turn out alright but they’re not really Canada Goose sale pubs, they’re more just large bars/bistros.Kratzyyy 5 points submitted 1 day canada goose store agoIn my industry (web development) Macs reign supreme. Probably helped by the fact it’s a Unix like OS that’s easier to use and more stable than most Linux distros, and MacBook Pros are well built (or used to be, can’t say I’m awfully impressed by the 2016 models). Also for day to day use by people who want canada goose uk outlet to surf the net, use email, Skype their family etc macs make a good option.As with everything, right tool for the job, but Macs definitely aren’t only enjoyed by the computer illiterate. I have a degree in Computer Science and I prefer macOS for almost everything.I’m about to build a hackintosh though so uk canada goose I Canada Goose Parka can be in control of my upgradability while still using the OS that I prefer. 29 points submitted 1 day agoYou really need to get a proper building inspector in if you are buying Canada Goose Online an apartment. Preferably somebody recommended by a conveyancer that is actually a law company first that provides conveyancing as well. They will also go through the history and the body Canada Goose Coats On Sale corporate notes etc. and will see if the building has been inspected and canada goose uk shop what the results are. That way you know about cladding issues and if it built like canada goose outlet toronto crap. Honestly, if you don do this for something that is is around half a million canada goose coats dollars you are a moron.Plus make sure body corp isn stacked with assholes who cancel your building access cause you gave a mate your fob so he could run canada goose coats on sale to his car and back (Yep, thats happened!) or spend canada goose clearance body corp fees benefitting themselves, or have rules to just suit themselves.Plus check how much AirBNB is going on and if thats an issue, as it causes issues like more parties and more foot traffic and such.Renting you could have some of those issues, but its far easier to cheap Canada Goose change rentals then it is to sell and buy againsoyimensch 0 points submitted 2 days agoIt takes about 20 man hours of police work to get someone to court for an indictable offense. There statements to obtain, reports to make, photos to take, property to seize, catalogue and store, an offender to arrest, a ton of paperwork to do, briefs to compile, check, adjust, check, and then create multiple copies of. Then the offender has to be found again to serve the brief on them. Then there 2 3 court appearances even for an early guilty plea. If canada goose the offender doesn turn up, a warrant gets issued and it back to the beginning.For a $15 o bike, owned by a private company that choosing to pollute our city and public spaces with their product, for profit.Is that what you want your police doing?DangerStrings 14 points submitted 2 days agoI went to the Adelaide buy canada goose jacket restaurant once for a canada goose factory sale birthday meal. It was. fine. We were sat right in front of the doors so every time they opened we got a cold gust of wind. Fair enough, it was a busy night and someone had to sit there. We ordered wine right when we canada goose clearance sale sat down. Took some time to look at the menu, and when we ordered asked about our wines which canada goose black friday sale we were told were coming. Entrees come out and still no wine. Ask again and finally it comes 5 minutes after that. Mains come and we notice that the side of bread we ordered didn’t arrive. They said they’d check. Halfway through our meal they finally come back and say they had sold out Canada Goose Outlet of bread. The food was fine, and they were polite about everything but it seemed like everything was an afterthought._Faye_Valentine 1,119 points submitted 3 days agoWe knew what kind of cat we were getting. When we brought him home to foster, the first thing he did was inspect the lock on his crate and try to open it from the inside.We had previously let buy canada goose jacket cheap him inspect the handle, lock, and door. He sniffed, pulled, prodded, poked, and stood on every part of it. We have given him logic puzzles for cats before, and he gets bored.The ones with treats had the bottom (where we loaded the treats) removed.The ball that goes in a circuit, he figured out where it always went to, sat down and punched it in a circle.