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uk canada goose Excellent question! We’re doing extremely well considering that this store has only been open for a year and a half in this city! I believe that Hong Kong is only now beginning to discover Suitsupply and that the snowball effect of word of mouth is imminent. Everybody that I’ve worked with over the past week in our Ice House Street location in Central, mostly first time customers, has been extremely impressed with the quality of fabrics, craftsmanship and off the rack fit (and of course our service, atmosphere and experience).We have in house tailors and offer on site alterations canada goose outlet uk if it’s a waist/seat/hem or in three business days if it’s something more extensive. We also have the made to measure option (not bespoke because it’s based on a template of your choice) which allows you to customize almost everything about the suit and canada goose outlet.ca is based on 44 measurements of your body with a selection of over 200 fabrics.In short, I believe that our product is still superior while being extremely competitively priced, even in Hong Kong, and that Suitsupply is a major player in this market and will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come!A sight like this is very unique to Asian mega cities, Hong Kong being the prime inspiration for the original Ghost in the Shell and similar sci fi films, of which a key theme is examining the line between boundaries.There clashing and mashing of cultures, architecture, and the bright protruding canada goose jacket outlet sale signs that permeate the night. uk canada goose

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