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cheap moncler jackets an infield fly had moncler usa been (very incorrectly) calledThis is definitely debatable. There are multiple still shots, like this one show why the umpire called an infield fly. How far the ball is hit has no impact on an infield fly. All that matters is whether an infielder can catch the ball with ordinary effort. As this picture shows, Kozma easily jogs back and throws his hands up as if he could nonchalantly catch the ball. The umpire doesn get to wait until the ball hits the ground, he has the make the call when the ball is still in the air. IMO, moncler sale online I absolutely see how at the moment it looked like Kozma should catch it with ordinary effort before he took a few steps forward and the ball dropped.Most moncler outlet online people argue about how far the ball was hit, moncler uk outlet which once again, has nothing to do with an infield fly. The infield in “infield fly” refers to the actual infielder, which is Kozma in this case, not the spot on the field where the infield dirt meets outfield grass.I umpire and would have never made this call, but I can definitely moncler online store see why it was called. The infield fly purpose is to prevent unfair double plays by a player letting a ball drop and then throwing to 3rd and 2nd for an easy twin killing. That ball was so far into the outfield there was not a chance in hell that Kozma would get an out anywhere. The rule needs to be rewritten. In this particular case, technically correct was NOT the best kind of correct. cheap moncler jackets womens I see it this way: if the umpire hadn made that call and best moncler jackets the ball just dropped, https://www.moncleronlineoutlet.com nobody would have cared at all, not the Cardinals, not the analylists, and certainly not the fans. They would have only seen it as an error by Kozma. The whole point of the rule was is to prevent moncler outlet store the double play, and Kozma would have never been able to double them off. Having said that, I sat through clinics/classes with previous MLB umps who have reiterated that it doesn matter how far the ball has traveled. A general rule moncler sale outlet to go by is that according to this particular guy was as soon as the infielder has to turn his back and run for the ball, the infield fly is off. The only time when an infielder may turn his back is on pop up that is pretty high and the infielder can get to the spot easily and uk moncler outlet turn back around, which is I guess what the umpire saw when Kozma got to the spot and threw his arms up and started to position himself back towards the infield.the umpire hadn made that call and the ball just moncler outlet woodbury dropped, nobody would have cared at all, not the Cardinals, not the analylists, and certainly not the fans.Although I definitely take this into account while I working, I assume top level umpires are able to block everything out and make objective calls based on the rules.As the rule is written, I just playing devils advocate and sticking up for the umpire.This isn all that special or exciting, but I sure the Nats fans can appreciate this a little bit. The most memorable game I been to would probably have to be Bryce Harper MLB debut. Come back win by the Dodgers capped off by a cheap moncler coats mens Kemp walk off in the 10th. I always want Bryce Harper to succeed, just so I can tell people all about how I went to his first game. Yeah, I plan on being that guy.Off the field, I went to a Dodgers fan fest prior to a game against the Cards last year. My dad has a free giveaway hat from 1982 that he wears moncler outlet prices to pretty much every game he goes to, and we managed to get it signed by Lopes, Russell, and Cey. Unfortunately, Garvey, (his favorite player) wasn there that day, so we still waiting to complete The Infield.They aren postseason victories or anything, but they probably the moncler sale two that I remember the best out of the ones I been to so far.I was there for that Santana shutout. I get chills whenever I think back to it. Legend has it that Johan walked in Jerry Manuel office and simply said “Give me the ball”, nevermind that he was on 3 days rest, and had not pitched on 3 days rest since the 2004 postseasonThe game was moncler outlet delayed by rain for a little bit. It was a cold an ominous day at Shea, with every fan in attendance knowing what needed to be done. With the out of town scoreboard showing the Milwaukee Brewers vs. Chicago Cubs game that was to take place at 4, the players took the field on this rainy afternoon. For lack of better terms, Johan threw a gem. The crowd was lighting up; all 57,000 plus in attendance were erupting with each strike.There are two specific moments from this game that will moncler sale mens forever stand out to me: When Paul Lo Duca was announced as a pinch hitter for the Marlins, and when The “JOOOOOO HAAAAAANNNNN” cheap moncler jackets chants began to echo throughout the concrete ring that was Shea Stadium. It started around the 7th inning. With each at bat and each swing and miss, every fan in attendance knew that they were witnessing something special.Time for the 9th inning. uk moncler sale Jorge Cantu strikes out swinging. Nobody is sitting down. My section, which was I believe called “Loge Box”, was erupting with each pitch. Josh Willingham, being the spoiler as always, comes to the plate and doubles. But nobody cares. Because they know that Johan cannot be stopped right now. Cody Ross to the plate. Everyone on their feet. 57,000 chanting, in unison “JOOOOOOO HAAAAAANNNNN”. Count moncler outlet sale goes to cheap moncler sale 1 2. Everybody cheering for the strikeout. Cody belts the next pitch to deep left, Endy Chavez gets under it, makes the catch, and the stadium starts to literally vibrate.I remember one last thing before I went to the concourse area. Right before going in, I took one last look, just in time to see Santana tip his hat to the crowd. I will always remember this game as the best game I have witnessed.But of course, Ollie Perez fucked up the next game and the Mets moncler womens jackets missed the postseason.I live in Wisconsin, and I was down in Missouri on business. We had an early flight on Wednesday morning, so we came in to St. Louis to stay the night near the airport. My coworker and I are both baseball fans, so we decided to catch a game.Neither of us follow the Cards, so we had never heard of Wacha. We were just there to watch cheap moncler jackets mens our favorite sport in one of the most beautiful parks in the country. Honestly, I was more interested in seeing Harper mash one than I was in the pitching match up.By the end of the 4th you knew something was going on. This kid on the mound discount moncler jackets was just dominating. When Carpenter error broke the perfect game, you could hear the entire stadium groan. As the game went into the 7th and 8th innings, the atmosphere was becoming electric. I had never been more excited about a game of baseball, even when I was watching Felix pitch his perfect game on TV. This was different. I was here. I had the ticket stub in my back pocket. I was about to witness history cheap moncler jackets.