“Why it’s not solved, like why are the old people still

Muskoka mystery

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canada goose factory sale Shortly after Susan Peleikis bought her dream home, a fixer upper on the edge of a shimmering postcard worthy canada goose outlet hong kong lake in Ontario’s cottage country, she stumbled across something that nearly made her heart stop. canada goose factory sale

Peleikis had been slowly transforming the ragged edges of the lake that almost encircles her Muskoka home into a lush shoreline garden when her shovel turned over something white and shiny. A closer look revealed a set of false teeth.

uk canada goose It would be a startling discovery for anybody, but for Pelekis it was downright chilling. uk canada goose

That’s because she’d heard the grisly rumours about Siding Lake. Locals believe four seniors who went canada goose outlet toronto location missing from this area nearly 20 years ago were killed and dumped in the lake.

“I don’t want to swim in the lake till I know where they are,” says Peleikis as she points to where she found the teeth at the lake’s edge.

“It’s shallow, it’s muddy, it’s weedy,” adds her spouse, Scott. “You could make somebody disappear canada goose victoria parka outlet pretty easy, right?”

cheap canada goose uk No one has seen canada goose jacket outlet toronto the seniors since they disappeared. It’s a mystery that remains unsolved to this day. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose sale “And also the question of why,” says Peleikis. “Why it’s not solved, like why are the old people still missing? We heard so many stories. Everybody’s got a story.” Canada Goose sale

There is no shortage of stories, theories or rumours about what’s become of those four seniors who went missing from nearby retirement homes in the late 1990s. Nearly 20 years later, almost canada goose outlet new york city anyone you talk to who lives near Siding Lake has something to say about the case.

“Oh yeah, people still talk about it,” says Tim Harrow. He lives across the lake from Peleikis.

Canada Goose Online “I still have friends who won’t come up to visit me out here, who live in Huntsville. Everyone has their version on what happened.” Canada Goose Online

One version of this mystery canada goose outlet store uk that’s never been revealed in detail is what the police believe happened.

The Ontario Provincial Police spent years actively investigating the missing seniors, but the force has been largely mum about the details of the case.

In fact, they refused to be interviewed for this story.

canada goose So The Fifth Estate and The Walrus magazine teamed up for a joint investigation and went to court to have hundreds of pages of secret police warrants unsealed. canada goose

For the first time, we can shed new light on the police theories, including details never revealed before such as a potential motive that could have triggered four killings, an elaborate coverup intended to throw the police off the scent and new information about the controversial family who ran the care homes where the seniors were last seen alive.

II The www.wandeshop.com family

The Laans are a family of seven siblings who grew up in different parts of rural Ontario. Several, however, have checkered histories that stretch as far back as their teenage years beginning in the 1970s. And in the Huntsville area, where many of them lived, the stories would grow with time.

One story has one of the siblings stealing skis from the local ski hill. Another has a sibling breaking into the local hospital to steal drugs. There are even stories about the boys canada goose outlet london uk cheating at baseball as youngsters.

Canada Goose Jackets As adults, however, it went from colourful town gossip to serious brushes with the law. Canada Goose Jackets

“It’s unreal that one family can have so many criminals,” says Geoff Vander Kloet, a local contractor who knows the family from his dealings in the community.

According to court records, the oldest brother, David Laan, has a criminal record for breaking and entering and theft. His younger brother Walter Laan’s criminal record began at the age of 18 and continued over 24 years with convictions for canada goose outlet legit property offences, breaking and entering, fraud, and even impersonating a police officer.

And by the age of 25, their sister Kathrine Laan had spent time in jail for drug possession, theft and extortion. Then, in 1997, it was discovered that Kathrine Laan had stolen nearly $30,000 from the Muskoka Christian School. She was the school’s volunteer treasurer at the time.

“I think the first word that comes to mind canada goose outlet parka was betrayed,” says Alice Peddie.

Peddie taught at the Muskoka Christian School and was friends with Kathrine before she was caught embezzling money.

canadian goose jacket “My trust was canada goose outlet broken,” says Peddie. “She professed to be a Christian and to do this when you profess to be a Christian is so unchristian like.” canadian goose jacket

Kathrine was eventually convicted for fraud, but it was the Laans’ next business venture that landed five members of this family in the middle of a controversy that’s lasted nearly two decades.

Kathrine and her brothers Paul, Walter and David converted three family homes into facilities for the elderly, located in the woods outside Huntsville. Their uncle Ron Allen lived at one of the properties, where he helped with some of the residents.