You know; fall in love, get married, and in my case adopt

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Hermes Replica Belt Are you encouraging people to report all sightings of pokemon or just the uncommon/rare? If people are just reporting rare, then the spawn high quality hermes birkin replica rate % becomes skewed, but reporting commons are tedious and might not be necessary if you aren compiling a complete spawn rate. Is the research going to be like if you choose a spawn location it will give you a list like pidgeys 35%, rattata 20%, eevee 10%, bulbasaur 0.2%? or more like you choose Bulbasaur and spawn locations pop up that show estimated appearance there 1 out of every 3 days? Or not even that detailed, just a Bulbasaur was reported being at a spawn location 4 times. Sorry, I just like to know technical details so I can understand the goals and better help Hermes Replica Belt.