We are GROWNUP – a design and illustration studio founded and run by Thomas Burden & Kelly Campbell. We specialise in creating playful, fun and engaging imagery, drawing influence from, amongst other things, all the toys we were never allowed as children, fairgrounds, neon signage, and the many trinkets we’ve picked up on our travels about the world’s fleamarkets. We work with brands and agencies to help them better engage with their audience by adapting our unique mix of colour, texture and nostalgia to suit their individual needs.

Thomas handles all the design, illustration and animation, whilst Kelly (who studied english at university, but can still draw better than Thomas) provides invaluable art-direction and concept generation, as well as handling the project management and day to day running of everything, including the studio cat, Cortez.

We’re always looking for the next great project, so feel free to get in touch with any questions or commissions.


Selected Clients